Time for love – book review

This book was provided to me for free by the author in exchange for an honest review. It is actually the second book of a series but I haven’t read the first one (which I definitely will do now) and still could follow easily.

Review contains spoiler!

Actually, this is exactly the kind of “love at first sight”-story I love to read. Two humans get to know each other – fall in love – get to know each other better, reveal the secrets of their past to each other and struggle through daily life together helping each other to develop without many moments of great angst or splitting up (well not really spitting up… ?)

Also, the story is written in the present tense, which I enjoyed. In former times, this was kind of disturbing for me and I didn’t like it, maybe because I hadn’t been used to it. But the more stories I read written in that way the more I like it. It somehow gives me the feeling that I’m experiencing everything together with the protagonist.

So, you’d think I should have given five stars but there are three things I have to criticize.

The first thing is that there are too many sex scenes at the beginning; at least for my taste. I mean, don’t get me wrong – I like reading those scenes if they are well written and the author really didn’t do a bad job describing them. But at the beginning I somehow had the feeling that there is one love-making scene after the other and they aren’t doing anything else the first days… at least it seemed like that to me. I totally get that when you are freshly in love you want to have much sex but I somehow missed the development or action. I really was thinking of putting the book away. I’m glad I didn’t do it then, because it really turned out to be a good story at the end. But nevertheless I didn’t quite like the beginning.

That leads me to my second point to criticize. The narrator mentions having sex nearly every day he describes and also mentions quite often that he thanked Caleb with a BJ for something. I mean yeah, great, but do you really have to tell about all the times you did this and besides can’t you just accept a gift in a relationship without returning a reward?

Before I come to my third point to criticize I have to state I’m totally into love at first sight. Why not have sex at the first date (well not as often as they did *lol* but okay we had this one…)? Seriously, I’d never say things like the two men do if it were my first date. Maybe on the third or fourth date if it’s really love at first sight for both, but not the moment I first meet the other person. This really disturbed me somehow.

I would have preferred the getting to know part to last at least three dates. Or it could have been told in a kind of flashback involving the first dates. I mean I totally get that the author wanted to state that it was love at first sight but for me it would have worked better if the narrator clearly would have pointed that out. Those sentences like “…Your are mine”, “…We are  together…” didn’t convince me at all.

Finally my last point: The story is told in first person, which is not a bad move, but then the narrator refers to his partner so often as boyfriend or to his best friend as best friend, when he thinks about them… That somehow disturbed me because when I’m thinking of these people in real life I recall them by their names. Maybe when looking at my husband or after him, I’d think omg I’ve got a sexy hubbie but not when thinking of him or what he is doing at the moment or stuff like that.

So, although as you see I had to criticize quite a few points I really liked the story or at least finally after the getting to know part was over. This part weren’t bad as well if it had gone over more than two days. But then the book turned out to be really good. And I really loved the second part, the development of Nicolaus, which is just awesome. I also liked how everything turns out in the end. It’s really romance – love – passion. Being there for each other and fighting for each other. That’s why I rated it with four stars at the end.

So, if you love romance and you’re not into this whole couple finding – splitting – finding again stuff then you definitely should read this book.

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