Saved: an omegaverse story

By A.M. Arthur

This book was provided by the author via indieGo Marketing and Design in exchange for an honest review.

Actually this story is about the Alpha Tarek and the Omega Braun.
Braun‘s father has just died and so he is on his own now which isn’t actually allowed in the city he lives because Omegas are seen as third-class people who have no rights and mustn’t live on their own. Braun hasn’t found his Alpha yet and he is a orphan. So, he either has to go to prison until the heat is over or to a halfway-house which is kind of an orphan-home for young Omegas who are abandoned or left alone because of any other reason. Although he doesn’t want to do any of that, Braun is happy that he isn’t mated yet because he thinks all Alphas are rude like his father and his brother Kell’s husband.
Braun is eventually taken to the halfway-house but then he finds out that something awful is happening there and he flees. This is when he meets Serge again, who has nursed him at hospital. He and his husband Dex save Braun‘s life. They take him home to their place and introduce him to the Alpha Tarek. Now the lovestory starts. Tarek gives Braun all the time he needs to really trust him and commit to their bonding. And while they are trying to build the relationship they have to solve the crimes that happened in the halfway-house and rescue some Omegas, struggle through Braun‘s heat, the first birthgiving of Braun‘s brother, which nearly kills him and some other stuff. And during all that their friends Serge and Dex are always right behind them.
So it’s actually a good and exciting story but in the end so much stays unsolved. All the problems of Braun’s brother are still there and I had the feeling that the halfway-house case isn’t solved completely either. I mean the book is written like a thriller-romance so I’d wished for more conclusion of the thrilling parts too.
But now that I have finished this review, I’ve seen that there is a second part featuring Kell’s story coming soon. Can’t wait to get my hands on that!

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