My Boyfriend is a Dog

S A Smythe

This book was provided to me for free by the author in exchange for an honest review.

When I read the plot of the story, it sounded like an easygoing shifter story. And since I haven’t read a real shifter story so far (well except Twilight but I think you can’t count that as a real shifter story, can you?) I thought it could be a fun one to start with. And when I read the first page of the book where it is stated explicitly that it should be a funny to read shifter story and shouldn’t been taken too seriously I felt quite confirmed in my first opinion.

And the first part of the book was really good and funny to read. I actually had some good laughs. The book starts with the vegetarian Nathan being rescued from the woods by a dog err wolf who can talk. This fact actually freaks Nathan out. But since the dog insists on staying Nathan has to get used to the fact. But what he can’t quite get used to is that the dog always tells him that they are mates and belong together. Nathan tries to explain Angelo (the dog) that he isn’t into sodomy. But the dog still keeps insisting on being mates and interferes in all dates Nathan has. Finally, the town’s vet reveals the big secret to Nathan: Angelo is a shifter. Nathan gets angry with the dog for not having told him the truth and tells him to go away. That’s when Nathan finally comes closer to Jet on whom he has had a crush for a very long time. They go on a date, and end up making up in the woods where they are attacked by a wolf. Nathan first thinks that Angelo is the attacker and hits the dog but soon finds out that it is another wolf, a foreign one, and that Angelo is actually Jet who tries to defend him. Nathan saves Jet’s life and finds out that he is a shifter too. And if the book had ended here I would have given five stars or at least four. Because up to this point it was really a pleasure reading it. The only thing that disturbed me a little was Nathan’s obsessive search for a mate although he was actually in love with Jet. But that’s the only thing I could criticize.

But then the last part started and I thought I somehow had opened the wrong book. So, Nathan finds out that he is a shifter too. He is admitted in Jet’s pack, where Jet’s father is the Alpha. The first thing he has to do is eating meat. And well he enjoys it. This isn’t something I’d as a vegetarian would do but he states that he didn’t relinquish meat because of the animals but because he wanted to annoy his parents. So, I guess starting to eat meat again isn’t quite a problem under these circumstances. But this was just a small part that disturbed me. Mainly it was the punishment Jet got because of not telling Nathan the truth from the beginning. He has to watch Nathan making out with I don’t know how many shifters. And seriously??? That was kind of hard core porn. And although I don’t mind well written sex-scenes if they fit into a story I’m absolutely not into porn. So, I skipped this chapter. But it actually didn’t get much better in the next chapter. There were some funny sentences but most parts were just how they had sex…. I would definitely not read this last part again. Maybe the book should contain a warning that it contains some pornographic scenes (not just erotic ones).

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