The Bridge to Love

By Lee Colgin

This book was provided to me for free by IndoGo Marketing in exchange for an honest review.

One day the wolf shifter Tobias (Tobi) wants to deliver a message to another village. Therefore he has to cross a bridge, which he actually had crossed several times already. But this time the bridge is guarded by a troll called Arlo who of course wants to have some tribute for letting Tobi pass. Since Tobi hadn’t known that the bridge has its own guard now, he didn’t bring any tribute, but promises Arlo to get him something on the way back. And since Tobi is trustworthy he really does. That’s when the friendship between the troll Arlo and the wolf shifter starts – the friendship that soon becomes love. But does the other feel the same way and could a relationship between a wolf-shifter who mates for lifetime and a troll who must never leave a bridge he guards really work?

The Bridge to Love is a totally cute short Christmas-love story without any angst. 

Arlo is a kindhearted troll who doesn’t like being alone (as trolls normally do) and loves having Tobi around. He’d like to have a big family, too.

Tobi is a super cute wolf shifter with a golden heart. You get the feeling that he’d do everything for the one who’ll become his mate.

I really loved this book. It totally got me into my ‘Christmas mood’.

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